Hackfest 1110101

by Mark Luffel

– python sudoku solver on google appengine
 – went to the Stumptown Comics Fest (ed. beautiful website!)
– – bought comics
– – listened to interesting talks
– – posted some pictures and choice quotations
– announced my impending resignation from my job
– solved a problem in some perl code at work:
– – two bugs were interacting in such a way as to make each other invisible
– – because data was being duplicated in places where it wasn’t supposed to be
– – and the duplication of information made the bug harder to track down
– – for the same reasons that non-normalized databases are vulnerable to errors
– and now I have a project idea: a Data::Doctor module
– – that looks through people’s data structures
– – for telltale signs of redundancy and encourages good data hygiene
– ansley park hexagonal tiles add flavor to 8-mile runs
– looking for new residence
– worked on “apparent” – the apartment finder
– walked mark through installing django,setuptools,gcc,simplejson on “atlanta”
– has OS X running on his thinkpad
– rediscovering the command line
– installing kernel extension and crossing-fingers
– getting Wiimote running (maybe DarwiinRemote)
– made conceptual art, for instructionset

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