Hackfest 1010001 Mortem

by graham

31 July 2007 – three atlhackers and a telegoogler

Since Last Time-
Mark- continued on quest to make a cabal package for Wiimote.
Porting Obj-C program that uses Mac IO-Bluetooth framework.
Read about arrows.
Graham- went to the UK. Picked figs. Signed first boob.
Performed first Spark! night at Parkgrounds, with a new wiimote piece.
Stuart- fabrication is finished for the month. Testing the chips that you made.
Reading about using information theory to construct optimal stock portfolio.
Dressed up as Mustapha Mond for a party, ended up Hand in Hand.

Alex called, doing well at Google in Mountain View. He’s meeting a poetry-bot dude there (Gnoetry).

Tonight’s Plan-
Mark- making a package for Wiimote.
Graham- try to delete n/a spam ghosts.
 -see if I can get Haskell-sc working on windows.

Mark helped Graham get haskell SC3 running. It’s working!

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