Hackfest 1010011 Mortem

by graham

14 August 2007 – ridiculous visa

Since Last Week-
Mark- played around in nodebox, made dueling arrows
looked for houses in Decatur, found potential something
read a book about the founder of Patagonia – Let My People Go Surfing
they trace all of their products
played around with angles in nodebox
Alex- made a thing for the secret project
usability fix for the Google Web Toolkit
read rant ‘the kingdom of nouns’
reading Foundations of Security
Graham- completed papers for a student visa
Stuart- working hard to get results for a conference submission tonight
Robert- helped Paul prepare for laptop battle

This week’s plans-
Mark- going to make an openGL shapes thing in Haskell
Alex- going to make an animation in fluxus
Graham- going to make something interesting in supercollider
Stuart- going to double check the results for the submissions
Robert- researching equipment for the laptop battle finals

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