Hackfest 1010010 Mortem

by graham

7 August 2007 – big group

Since Last Week-
Mark- got IOBluetooth package to load in GHCi, trying to get hsc3 to work
Bill- broke his amp, driver circuit failed after new tubes, may require redesign
 got a Magnatone amp, it has a frequency modulation (vibrato) circuit
 it also has a HUM1 and HUM2 – reversing between ground and liveline – a death switch
Rob- took a trip to Seattle. recorded a song cycle from the Northwest corner.
 have been working on video editing, working on rap tracks.
Stuart- recorded two songs with Rob, first successful measurement
 immersed in water with a certain concentration of chemical, sensors reported a gradient
 in liquids its much harder because the polymers are shifted around by the solution
Alex- went to Google, came back, have been digging in docs about unit testing and security
 wants to be invulnerable to cross-site scripting
Miriam- moved to Athens, it almost looked like a house, but there might be CO
 going to join Theory reading group – Dialogic Imagination by Bakhtin – the novel is often changing
Graham- gave a performance at Parkgrounds, wrote a song with Amanda

This Week’s Plans-
Rob- document the meeting with his camera, review recordings
Mark- trying to get IOBluetooth to work correctly in Haskell
Bill- reading Stumbling into Happiness, Daniel Gilbert
Stuart- hanging out and discussing music
Alex- going to be stylin’ his GWT app with a Hello World
Miriam- reading Bakhtin
Graham- going to work on ChucK music timing, prepare for performance tomorrow

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