Hackfest 1101111

by Mark Luffel

Hackfest 1101111
– working on stellar
– irked by the way ruby’s “require” is relative to the root/parent script,
– thinks it should be relative to the current script (like python, says mark)
– first stellar app running!
– using HAML
– embedding python into D
– generating D bindings
– will make a text-editor using a combination of D and python
– started at Appcelerator
– hacked on the perl servicebroker
– learned about Google Gears
– wrote some python to produce data for gears
– worked on SICP problems
– writing some media-computation python (smearing tacocat)
– wrote a birthday present for her friend
– – it takes his username and computes his age (in a Scheme-y sort of way)
– coordinated trips
– stuck in meetings at work
– met a brilliant mathematician/computer-scientist and stay-at-home mom
– – thus believes there are more elite women in the world than people realize (anna marie says: amen!)
– – especially in places where women are encouraged to be humble,etc
– – who don’t give talks at cons because they don’t realize how brilliant they are
– sped up Prototype’s “String.prototype.gsub” (in everything except Safari)
– started a blog ( shiftpop )
Anna Marie:
– finals week, stressed
– can’t put alt-text on background-images
– completed site-map for portfolio site
– working on design for an athletic-wear company: “helios”
– installed OS X on his windows computer
– playing with MAX/MSP
– learning python
– gaining experience points, trolls, firespells
– “not a metaphor”

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