Hackfest 1101110

by Mark Luffel

– hacked on D and GTK-D
– making a texteditor (textmate+vim clone)
– entering exploratory phase of magic web framework
– tentatively titled “stellar”
– derived attributes, caching, everything in the model
– a big “F.U.” to M.V.C.
– wrote a stack-based language: “yonth”
– adding more primitive operations tonight: greater_than, not_equals
– reading about Joy language, quoting
– scrambled for launch
– successful except for minor communications snafu
– so it became an internal launch
– reading sicp, and mythical man month
– received shiny new macbookpro at work
– received shiny emails from future professors
– ate quinoa
Anna Marie:
– wetting her pinky toe in web design
– working on a portfolio site for a friend
– figured out text-align: justify in Dreamweaver
– (still her means of coding)
– released documentation for Miru: http://miru.enterthefoo.com/

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