Hackfest 1110000

by Mark Luffel

– writing basic backend code for the D text-editor
– code-named “dimwit”: “D language plus my state of intelligence”
– thought about how to edit really large files
– reading sicp and mythical man month
– needs a good side project
– working on gears and docreader features
– was introduced to unix’s “select” call (for networking) in high school
– it’s in the main loop of circle-mud
– which was the first big c program he worked on
– visited the Oregon coast
– went hiking in the mud
– had breakfast with old undergrad CS adviser SamR
– – who showed off DrFu, which integrates DrScheme with Script-Fu for GIMP
– ran 21.1 miles with Alex
– – didn’t die
– finally made VPN work on her shiny new macbookpro at work
– – thus thwarting the IT department’s attempts to prevent work from being done
– alex did these things too, where it makes sense for him to do them
– investigating MIDI standards,
– wants to understand MIDI for use in Max/MSP
– downloading patches for the CZ1 (a badass Casio)
– – for learning sound synthesis
– will eventually make your voice with the Casio
– – which will not be like Stephen Hawking speaking
– building this “thing”, perhaps unwisely
– extending symbol in activerecord to make things more terse
– hard to explain
– for creating tables of datat
– reading “Lovely Bones”
– reading about scala and java interoperability, sounds messy
– went to pycon
– – learned aboutSaturday House (which is similar to atlhack)
– – learned about robust, distributed backup systems (mozy and allbydata)
– contributed to Drew’s “Miru” project
– went to pycon
– hacked on Miru
– hacked on excitebike clone: “baiku”
– went to pycon
– worked on baiku
– worked on his anarchic content creation system
Alex (Ray):
– annotating the root pitch of recording of indian classical music
– so that they can feed them into the big system
– get pitch class distr
– attempt at reccomendation engine
– mark godfrey is working on this
– finds neighbors based on features
– comparing pitch based and timbral features
– tunes sine wave oscillator, get it basically correct, the click next
– – over and over again
– – boring
– listening machine is coming up (april 20something)
– – working on “mridangam” listener/improvisor
– – which listens
– – which will do fancy algorithms to play something else back
– went to spark festival
– – played a set, and played with parag

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