Hackfest 1110001

by Mark Luffel

– got a new macbook
– interviewed a priestess for the next creative loafing
– interview with mayor slash funeral directory to be published tomorrow
– a little bit in love with the XO laptop
– met with b.w.thompson in Barcelona
– working on paper for DAFX in Finland
– fixed a bug today
– – which hopefully yields great glory and trip to Finland
– just stuff
– blogged a rant on subwindow
– got a bunch of comments
– retracted rant
– working on dimwit (code editor written in D and python)
– making windows splittable
– finished reading Mythical Man-Month, still reading sicp
– playing with the OLPC
– got excited about emulating a Mac Plus, was running mini vMac
– -fun but not long-term productive
– got even more excited about NLTK
– – wants to integrate that and maybe ConceptNet into a new poetry bot and text-remixer…
– thinking about crowdsourcing
– next week, will be hacking from Japan with lindseykuper
– got an XO laptop
– brought the XO to Code n’ Splode
– – and got it to play with Audrey‘s XO
– found out that Portland has an XO user group!
 – updated Shoebox Full of Tapes
 – basically finished training for the marathon
 – got VPN working for more people at work, finally
 – with all of the above, has trouble finding time to write code for work, let alone for play
– figured out how to turn on channel logging for #appcelerator (on freenode)
– writing quadratic equation in yonth (harder than it sounds)
– refactoring lots of ruby code at work
– – would like an automatic refactoring: “take the seven argument function and make an object from the arguments that can be passed around instead”

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