Hackfest 1001001 Postmortem

by graham

19 May 2007 – atlhack special edition

Since Last Meeting-
Grant- has been working on 4-D cities.
Vinny- hacking python scripts for user interface of navigation system.
Mark- hacked into nodebox and added some callbacks.
Alex- hacked Twidor to collect data for study.
Graham- wrote a new chuck piece.
Zack- finishing school in a week! going to GHP for math
Sonali- got a job with Sita! (and a laptop?)

Today’s progress-
Graham- added timing stats for queries. adding labels for axes.

other interesting people who showed up:
Alex Grey- computing psuedo potentials for particles.
Matt Gilbert- will be putting up videos of Sonic Generator soon!
Jessica Sherwood- planning the future of Atlanta new music!
Zach’s dad!
John Croft IV – database development guru

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