Hackfest 1000111 Mortem

by graham

8 May 2007 – well-oiled servers

New member: Joe!
he is a cofounder of We The Citizens.
Niche Technology with Paul Royal- online convention registration software.
(Mitch Halpin, Gallagher Prior, tech CS peeps)

Since Last Week:
Mark- hung out at some awesome parties. Tina’s chicken party, Puyan’s graduation party.
Alex- started work on a journal article for mini-querty!
Will- in charge of designing fluid pumping system.
Graham- submitted first computer music paper on Mused!

Mark- japanese notecards for adjectives.
Alex- working on an improved google widget todo list!
Will- is reading A Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich.
Joe- perhaps will drink a few beers.
Graham- gonna try the new audicle, make a screencast. learning LiSa!

Martin’s poetry-bot sent us a poem: "gunwales"

all those times

i’m suddenly in motion through
the back carefully, drain,
add cream and worn gunwales, the wrong windows

you will come closer. this is
your story; you have learned these words
than you the pocked road
to yourself out to her.
some form of backed-up drains, too

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