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Review of Current Editors

Friday, August 26th, 2005

Titus suggests Sonic Fountry’s ACID which uses audio data pre-labeled with beats.

Tristan’s page references Celemony’s Melodyne, Bias’s Peak, Ableton’s Live, and Emagic’s Logic Audio.

I’ve personally used Cakewalk, Audacity, Fruity Loops, and Tracktion One (raw material software). I still must try Fruity Loops Studio (latest), and Tracktion Two.

[ynniv: you should check out Dr. Rex in the Reason suite, as well]

Review Criteria:

1. Automatic Segmentation Processes present – algorithms that find the beat, find the notes, or anything novel in this regard.
2. How the sound is organized into a GUI
3. Any other special features or upshots

Eclipse Framework for Systems Biology

Friday, August 26th, 2005

Eclipse is a powerful IDE and framework for language development. In this project, we build on the Eclipse platform to support operations and tasks that commonly appear in the course of systems biology.

The project aims to support seamlessly the many biological data formats, such as FASTA, and interface with NCBI and the ExPASy Proteomics Server. It aims to provide a unified interface for biologists working in molecular biology, systems biology, and genetics by treating DNA and DNA-like data as a ‘programming language’.



Peripheral Device Middleware

Friday, August 26th, 2005



The starting point for work on devices that bridge "stupid devices". 

Some ideas:

  • interactions will be based on scenerios as the device is unlikely to be at easy to interface as a full fledge computer
  • scenerios may be customizable and configurable from a full scale computer
  • the device may have a modular I/O design to support enough bluetooth,firewire, and usb scenerios.
  • using an OS like linux to leverage the large driver set out there (compared to a novel OS).
  • allow for scenerios and device drivers to be modular and pluggable so people can make novel ones and so people can manage the limited memory of the device better.


  • spec out the prototype hardware that is portable and can still do some of the goals desired.
  • start developing scenerios

Methods for Managing your Schedule

Friday, August 26th, 2005

The beginnings of a project on developing tools that will provide simple ways of building your schedule without having to do all the work manually.

Current ideas being tossed around:

  • Website scraping to produce data from places like: delta, orbitz, hotels, evite, ups, amazon, credit cards, orkut birthdays.  Perhaps even sites of little direct personal interest could have a means to schedule from: concert venues
  • Email scraping: like websites, we receive many emails with good information (and structured) information that could be useful in a schedule.
  • Active scraping: an external service, a system on your machine to scrap
  • Passive scraping: scrap when you view a page or email.
  • Intelligent scraping: instant messages, comments that are unstructured.  This one would be hard and likely not a good starting point.
  • Schedule views:  There are events that are of varying importance.  Sometimes I just want to see my travel schedule and sometimes I want to see the Atlanta Thrashers hockey schedule (and since I’m lazy I want to do this all from the same calendar).
  • Todo lists: some calendar items are due dates or perhaps not calendar items but instead tasks.  I nice way to manage these would be good.
  • Dynamic entries.  If I am looking into the past at the Thrasher’s home schedule, I should be able to get the score and info about the game.  Perhaps there should be an alert system when a schedule item has been changed at the source.
  • Templated Entries.  If I am looking at a travel entry booked at, I should be able to either get more details by drilling down deeping into my calendar or by having a templated link to go to and show my itinerary.
  • Event feeds.  You should be able to get feeds that are both of personal interest and general interest.  If you login to atlhack, you should be able to get a feed representing all the iCal events you are going to (perhaps you actually want all the atlhack events so the dynamic feature kicks in and you can look into the past to get the meeting notes 🙂 Also, some sites should provide event calendars so you can have things like "the high museam" view in your calendar to get an integrated exhibit schedule.

Hack Fest 1 Postmortem

Friday, August 26th, 2005

Our first hack fest is complete.  Primary points of discussion were getting people set up with subversion accounts, some mention of having formal structure to our meetings, and a good deal about projects and miscellaneous chatter.

Projects covered:


  1. Automated event calendaring
  2. Writing a NetHack game AI
  3. Peripheral middleware

Those in attendance:

  1. emptyset
  2. graham
  3. barik
  4. luke
  5. ynniv

Looking at these brief notes, it would appear this meeting was very newcomer-centric.

Lessig in da ATL!

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

Stephen may recognize a few names in this culture initiative at Emory.  Unfortunately this is a conference and pre-registration is expensive for the casual Lessig fanboy ($115).  Paying at the door is around $30 more, so your best bet is to hang out front with a large sign telling Larry that you want have his baby.

Registration closes September 30th.

Hack Fest @ Octane

Wednesday, August 24th, 2005

Our first posted hack fest, this time at Octane Coffee

Ok, Here’s A First Stab at atlhack

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005

What do you want atlHack to be?

New Theme is up

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005

Hey guys. I applied a new theme that I’ve been working on. Its a derivative of “spreadfirefox”, if you’ve heard of that one. Hopefully you think its rockin’.

i am error

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005

finally got my lazy arse to setup my account. thanks vinny!