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Songs of Hackfest, vol 1

Monday, September 12th, 2005

What are the best hacker inspired songs? I’ve always liked You’re So Technical from the Magnetic Fields.

Suggest your favorite hack-oriented songs.

You have prosthetic wings
You drive a surveillance van
You’re always doing seven things
You write the code for brain implants
There are no papers on you
The law doesn’t cover what you do
You and your think tank entourage
Are all counterculture demigods

(C): You’re so technical, you go hacking around the world
You’re so technical, baby, Are you a boy or a girl?

You have some extra limbs
You look like a Swiss army knife (with wings)
Dance like a Hindu deity
Best friends with Timothy Leary (C)

You’re a Libertarian
The death of the Left was you
You look like Herbert von Karajan
You live underneath the zoo (C)

From the House of Tomorrow. The consummate fan Ernest suggests this character was based on the chimerical electronic pop musician and storyteller Laurie Anderson (homepage of the brave), who is coming to Ferst Center Theater (scroll down) in November!!

Ok, Here’s A First Stab at atlhack

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2005

What do you want atlHack to be?