Hack Fest 1 Postmortem

by ynniv

Our first hack fest is complete.  Primary points of discussion were getting people set up with subversion accounts, some mention of having formal structure to our meetings, and a good deal about projects and miscellaneous chatter.

Projects covered:


  1. Automated event calendaring
  2. Writing a NetHack game AI
  3. Peripheral middleware

Those in attendance:

  1. emptyset
  2. graham
  3. barik
  4. luke
  5. ynniv

Looking at these brief notes, it would appear this meeting was very newcomer-centric.

5 Responses to “Hack Fest 1 Postmortem”

  1. luke says:

    Don’t forget about Titus’ stock trading discussion (somewhat after the meeting but still good). 

    Structure in the future would probably be a good thing if we also want to get work done.


  2. ynniv says:

    Yes, I forgot about Titus’ AST.  Our pre-atlhack meet ups had a lot more structure.  Considering this is the first time this group of people has met, it was more of a free-for-all with little actual work being done.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Pictures from last night: atlhackfest.

    Also, Mike showed up virtually, but alas Stephen was not to be found.

  4. barik says:

    The event was actually quite productive. Looking forward to meeting every week.

  5. Stephen says:

    I really wanted to be there, but old freinds made a suprise visit up from Seattle:  Tad and Maryanne (neither of whom anyone here has met). They were a pair of good folks from the ATL.  I had to choose between remote and immediate human presence.  You know which won…  I’ll make it this week, I swear!

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