Pre-Quals Image Editing Hack

by Mark Luffel

– Photoshopping the GLG Grand out of a photo of the Atlanta skyline
– Mark’s dad built (i.e. was a carpenter on) this building in the early ’90s, but he’ll forgive the affront

– modified his Floyd-Steinberg dithering code to handle color images
8-color photo from New Year’s Day
– updating qualifier talk slides in preparation for Thursday
– on Sunday, biked with his dad from downtown, up Edgewood to the Krog tunnel
– recorded on a video camera with a rolling shutter, neat image distortions

5 Responses to “Pre-Quals Image Editing Hack”

  1. alexr says:

    Quals ahoy! \m/

    That’s some serious photoshopping. Diana, looking forward to meeting you sometime hopefully!

  2. Thanks!

    I think you are the Alex that lived with Mark in Midtown at some point? I could be getting my Alexs mixed up-either way I’m pleased to make your internet acquaintance. 🙂

    A couple of non-Atlhack things that happened at Octane include a couple breaking up for at least an hour right next to us, the consumption of a bear claw and some sort of crazy delicious cheese pastry, and a girl going to the restroom with her big headphones on, TWICE!

  3. Graham says:

    How did quals go? Victory?

  4. alexr says:

    Hey Diana!

    I’m that one, yeah!

    (thanks for the slice-of-life from Octane 🙂 )

  5. Mark Luffel says:

    Victory! It was much less contentious that I expected.

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