by Mark Luffel

– has been here for hours
– wrote a paper for Online Communities class
– had a job interview today, graduating in May
– upgraded his Debian system today and overcame hassles with grub failing to reinstall the bootloader
– made a transparent png in Photoshop
– showed off secret mosaic project
– played angry birds, death worm, words with friends (on his iPad 1)
– avoided studying for optics test
– coveted Bill’s iPad 2
– had a paper accepted to SIGGRAPH
– writing some code for multi-objective optimization
– worked on chapter for upcoming Android book
– made some cool iOS music apps at work
– gathered feedback on “Access”, his artgame where you play as a wheelchair dude
– has been working on an augmented reality presentation tool for use with the Kinect
– is here with his ladypartner
– has a new job at an ATDC spinoff company
– is selling her house
– playtested Rob’s game
– played QWOP, laughed hysterically

2 Responses to “QWOP Hack”

  1. Alex Rudnick says:

    Holy cow! Everybody’s doing such badass stuff! (and congratulations on SIGGRAPH!!)

    I think Sassyhack is out tonight, doing interesting stuff. Maybe they’ll blog it up.

    Tonight, I’m doing some work towards my RANLP submission, and thinking a bit about NLTK…

  2. phat_joe says:

    Wow, I didn’t hear the SIGGRAPH thing last night! Congrats!


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