Hackfest 10000110

by Mark Luffel

Nirmal (Patel) is here!
Telling us about his research and trips to Korea for a project.
He’s been reading for quals.

Alex is hacking Haskell, doing the Accordian problem.
Doing IO.
Working on chapter 4 of Real World Haskell.

Rob is scheduling a Martial Arts Movie Party.
He uploaded holiday photos. ( New Year’s Eve and beyond )

Mark is talking with Nirmal.
He worked on Corkbird’s Processing/Java -> JSON serialization over the weekend.

Lindsey made a page for her academic exploits, started classes (incl. a compilers class), and is now an Associate Instructor (aka TA) for the undergrad programming languages class.
Also: working on Project Euler, just finished #4.

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