Hackfest 10000111

by Mark Luffel

Cold day domestic hack
Pies, knitting, and code

– this weekend: learning Logo, wrote the “Accordian” [sic] problem in
it (and Haskell)
– it’s an acceptable-ish Lisp, although somewhat clunky. Also seems to
use templates instead of first-class functions
– queuing up a bunch of NLP papers to read
– tonight: Real World Haskell, chapter 4. Adventures in map/reduce.

– tonight: writing an automatic continuation-passing-style transformer
– wrote a compiler for a verysmall subset of Scheme (to x86_64 asm)
– interviewed for an internship at the Goog on Friday
– started being a TA for undergrad Programming Languages! Taught class
for a few minutes today.

– tonight: writing code in Sinatra, a ruby web framework

– tonight: knitting a lace shawl
– brought an apple pie and a berry pie
– explaining crochet vs knitting to Mark

– tonight: writing serialization code for corkbird
– wrote lots of testcases this weekend, which makes writing code easy!

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  1. Lindsey says:

    tonight: writing an automatic continuation-passing-style transformer

    Well…minor correction: I tried and failed to write a CPS transformer. I’m taking another stab at it tonight, though!

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