Hackfest 10110 Mortem

by graham

16 Feb 2006 – Smash the Monoculture!

Joel’s sketchbook technique-
Write subsequent ideas orthagonal to connected ideas.

Since Last Week:
Fixed a UI issue with SWIMM.
ChucK listservs.
Released v0.5.1 of Commotion. Documentation forthcoming.
Potential art-book-distribution hookup.
1. Finished up instructions to do various things with linux on treo
2. Started to look at nethack and fuse.  i’ve decided that i should port my nethack code to guile and make fuse connections to guile.  next is to look for a rule engine for guile/scheme.  if one doesnt exist, i may start writing one.
3. Started to look at rhino the Java/Javascript engine for eclipse enhancements.
4. Pondered the idea of an eclipse plugin to develop/deploy/debug firefox extensions.

This week:
Work on clocks.
Fix texture scrolling in his demo.
Read Microkorg manual.
Cleaning up my filesystem and trying out a guild tutorial about linking to C programming.

Reading autoarg.el (obscure) as an example of an emacs minor mode.
Getting my clocks code running again, it’s gotten crusty since December.
Having trouble getting the texture phase to stop jumping.
Made some sketches concerning symbolic representation of identity.
Learned much about his synthesizer – n with a line over it is an M.
Learned about patching capabilities, LFOs, and EGs (envelope generators).

music: an Of Montreal and Rolling Stones and Shins playlist, courtesy of Octane

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