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Dorkbot recap for 8 April

Monday, April 13th, 2009

This past week, Mark and I went to Dorkbot ATL, where there were presentations by Travis Thatcher and Scott Driscoll about their DIY music projects. Travis (recompas) built this amazing modular synthesizer — it’s all plugs and wires and analog electronics, built into a lovely metal casing with silk-screening. Apparently you can read about it on his blog. Scott built these crazy control surfaces and possibly-crazier Max/MSP code that they talk to. There was much bleeping, booping, mashing-up, and mixing. It was awesome, and it made me want to learn to build electronics!

Also, some Freeside Atlanta people came to talk about starting a non-profit organization that will run a hackerspace in Atlanta. They’re for serious; this is happening. Mark is at their meeting tonight.

More in-depth discussion and links on the dorkbot site.