Second Virtual Hack

by graham

Saturday, 12 March 2022, 20h CET Over Discord


Mark – Wants to stitch together images using Processing/JS:

Rob – Processing/JS, creating an object and clicking and dragging.

Graham – Hack Backward Simulation methods into mosaic frontend.

Alex – Wants to do basic “Hello World” program in Godot.


Mark – Posted show and hide JS- loaded SVGs into p5.js.
Hit a dead end and start over by processing SVG individual frames.
Write XSLT to splatter frames.

Rob – Wrote a Circle that responds to mouse input. Ready for dragging, etc.

Graham – Integrated multiple outputs into frontend, but separate outputs
are not integrated well into DAW files, so more work to do.

Alex – Figured out how to load sprites and put them on screen,
and to export projects for Linux and Windows, but not HTML5 yet.

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