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Over in Athens: ClassyHack??

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Meeting without Kelly tonight — and hoping he gets over the evil flu soon.

Attendees: Marilyn, Michael, Virendra.

Talked about another venue for next week (George’s Low Country, Walker’s, Hendershot’s?) to avoid downtown hustle/bustle. Michael and Virendra are currently talking about three-dimensional database results and other cubic PhD topics. Marilyn’s “almost” done with some long-winded perl scripting for blogging: Marilyn recommended the HackNY summer program to Michael — he applied and Marilyn also wrote a quick rec for him to one of the organizers.

quick and cold (18 degree) hack!

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

marilyn: almost done with a little cgi to post to my website
kelly: embedding a font in his flash adventure game

We’ll probably take a hiatus here in Athens for these coming holiday weeks — hope everyone has some great ones!

Preparing-to-hack Hack

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

Kelly and I got together for the second inaugural ClassyHack here in Athens, but both had some preliminary tasks to address:


– Downloading XCode for an app beyond the Hello World aka Happy Birthday Dad app I made for my dad’s birthday


– Working on an old laptop to see if it’s usable
– Debating netbook purchase

We’ll probably have one or two more informal meetings in the next month and then start up a little more epically with the start of the new year generico de viagra. A few other people have expressed interest — one a friend of mine who randomly met Alex and Mark at a wedding in Atlanta a few months ago and got started talking about Ruby.

Speaking of weddings, add to the above agenda: we also talked about the awesomeness of Alex’s recent engagement!