Preparing-to-hack Hack

by marilyn

Kelly and I got together for the second inaugural ClassyHack here in Athens, but both had some preliminary tasks to address:


– Downloading XCode for an app beyond the Hello World aka Happy Birthday Dad app I made for my dad’s birthday


– Working on an old laptop to see if it’s usable
– Debating netbook purchase

We’ll probably have one or two more informal meetings in the next month and then start up a little more epically with the start of the new year generico de viagra. A few other people have expressed interest — one a friend of mine who randomly met Alex and Mark at a wedding in Atlanta a few months ago and got started talking about Ruby.

Speaking of weddings, add to the above agenda: we also talked about the awesomeness of Alex’s recent engagement!

4 Responses to “Preparing-to-hack Hack”

  1. Mark Luffel says:

    Yay Alex and Lindsey!

  2. Alex Rudnick says:

    Hooray! 🙂 🙂

    Lindsey is l337 for sure; I guess you haven’t met her, Marilyn?

  3. Graham says:

    Fantastic to see you guys hacking! Congratulations founders.

    To Kelly: go ahead and get a laptop so you can start hacking!

    To Alex and Lindsay: enthusiastic second to the yay!

  4. marilyn says:

    Alex, I think maybe I haven’t! I’ve seen some of y’all’s music videos though, perhaps thanks to Graham’s talent show documentation. And I already figured out she was awesome bc of the sweet exploding dog lj icon, but now also see how pro she is, with a great quote from the wizard book on her web page! So happy for you both.

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