Hackfest 10010010

by Mark Luffel

MATT TODD (new member)
– Knows Tejus from Startup Riot
– Works at Highgroove Studios (Rails folks)
– Working on Scout tonight

– Removing features from Choices Quilts
– At work, gets to add whatever features she deems necessary

– Fixing timezone issue in Skyblox
– Goes to a lot of meetings these days
– Shared Tyrus gossip
– Won the frontend technology battle at work

– Working on corkbird website: tans, browns, lemon yellow
– Writing processing code to warp shapes by sketching

– Playing with Ableton Live
– Looking at becoming a Computation Media major
– Following professional wrestlers on twitter

– Doing typo-detection, big refactoring
– Taking into account variable context
– Now can specify amount of future and past content to analyze

2 Responses to “Hackfest 10010010”

  1. p3pz says:

    hey whats up eveyone?
    I am really intrested in what your doing, and was wondering where High Octane was located
    im currently teacing my self programming, and an located in the gwinnett area

  2. FarQuar says:

    -trying to decide if i should go into programing or IT
    -good money in both
    -IT is easier

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