Hackfest 1111101

by Mark Luffel

– 3 work days left (!) before summer vacation
– – down to 2 things (!) on The Todo List That Refused To Die
– signed lease (!) on an apartment in Bloomington!
– will probably be chipping away at SICP for all eternity
– doing a little bit of homework from http://www.stats202.com, learning R
– R is pretty cool.
– been reading about data mining, for that same class
– working on the OLPC, tried to get Ubuntu going with fairly
complicated instructions
– got Debian going with “olpc-update debian-big”. May install Edubuntu
with similar command.
– going to Switzerland soon
– working in the cleanroom
– – (we watched him from http://grover.mirc.gatech.edu/cameras/ )
– apartment finder
– – automatically deleting listings
– – the bay area is full of scams
– – where houses for sale are posted as cheap rentals
– published Appcelerator Routes
– writing rails plugins

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