Hackfest 100101 Mortem

by graham

1 June 2006 – the longest dance marathon lasted a half-year

Since Last Week:
Andrew- is going to be an RA at GHP.
  went photographing in Atlantic Station, Midtown, Five Points.
Erik- interviewed for a job.
Graham- started reading dissertation on learning musical meaning.
Alex- got ready for CampICE. learning wxPython for paper organizer.
Vinny- was bludgeoned mercilessly by asdf-install.
  blogged-nostalgic about his childhood.

Alex and Graham- SWIMM (ijcai or bust).
Vinny- getting clsql up and working for OpenMcl (asdf sucks).
Andrew- trying to come up with a "World Records" theme for his hall.
Erik- left.

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