Hackfest 1110010

by Mark Luffel

– finished writing dafx paper
– going to work on organizing dafx contest
– contact me if you want to race your audio effects
– should be doing Mused, but still settling in to new place
– moved to C/ Sardenya, 96, 3o 1o

– tabs in dimwit
– using a lot of mixin templates

– going to interview a beekeeper next week
– – who is friends with the goddess

– went to a 12-inning Braves game
– frustrating stuff with rails and marshalling objects
– – might try json
– is building a snazzy ajax datatable

– scene transition for stochasm/roboto
– hacked on layout of tiles
– playing with amazon ec3 at work

– working on the onomatopoeia editor for stochasm
– still refactoring ruby at work

Alex and Lindsey are off in Japan somewhere. They ran the marathon on Sunday.

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