Hackfest 1101101

by Mark Luffel

– read about git submodules
– wants to have customized project directories that share common code
– planning ERP spinoff company – planning for flexibility (so customers can upgrade/add capabilities)
– went to lunar eclipe party
– working on HaXe bundle for TextMate
– writing HaXe data layer for timeplot widget
– went to lunar eclipse party (on the lawn that was a parkinglot by van leer)
– installed gtkD (gtk bindings for the D language)
– playing around with it (there’s no documentation)
– reading about "lazy" function arguments in D
– working on work
– started reading sicp and mythical-man-month
– ran 16.6 miles down the san diego coastline
– ran 16.6 miles down the san diego coastline
– updated shoebox full of tapes (at rockstargirl.org)
– attempted to teach five people how to do her job
– working on work
– made buttons appear in correct locations in IE
– skybloxing
– had something repaired, no longer has water falling on basement computer

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  1. alexr says:

    Mark! I’m wikicorrecting the notes 🙂

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