Hackfest 1101100

by Mark Luffel

Annamarie (new member):
– goes to SCAD,
– in a graphic design class,
– making a website about typography,
– using dreamweaver
– google maps + craigslist mashup,
– wrangling with unicode, regexes, python database api
– writing code in haxe,
– a micro-orm (accidentally),
– intends to make a mini-graphviz for social timeline layout
– implemented state machine for the bill of materials
– reading about primaries on the dailykos
– http://www.ubergeek.tv/article.php?pid=53
– squished all remaining bugs in docreader, did a backflip,
– writing a blog post, “which i’ve been meaning to do for a while”
– got a copy of sicp, may read in synchrony with Lindsey:
– “it would be sickly sweet, but we may do it anyways”
– finished (hofstadter’s) strange loop,
– started sicp (structure and interpretation of computer programs)
– is eating a doughnut

(lest anyone think that we hold our Portland delegation in lower regard than local members, the note are ordered by arrival time, with top-posting of new members)

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  1. Graham says:
     me: I figured out how to drag and drop, and possibly copy/paste sounds from Mused into most sequencers and audio editors.
    11:09 PM Most audio programs seem to support FileDrop, which is a type of drag and drop.
      So I can grab a sound in Mused and drop it into Tracks for Tracktion, or into a step sequence in fruity loops.
      I should be able to do live beatmaking with Mused.

    preliminary results


  2. ynniv says:

    Have a nice Orbital feel.

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