Hackfest 1010000 Postmortem

by Mark Luffel

since last time
– wrote JES code to apply image transforms to gridded squares of a larger image

– hung out with Alex’s mom
– is packed and ready to move

– wrote Haskell (and Python and Processing) code for the ICFP 2007 contest
– is starting to understand Monads

Miriam is finishing Harry Potter
Alex fixing up some JES code
Mark is trying to get Wiimote support for Haskell (bywayof FFI, IOBluetooth.framework, Hiroaki’s Wiimote framework)

Mark got a Haskell FFI program to compile,link,run. Objective-C not compile
Alex did boxes from inside JES, fixed two know bugs, python classes wrapping java classes, unconflating.
Cute pictures of Mr T and Mike McCracken

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