Hackfest 1001110 Postmortem

by Mark Luffel

  Graham brought pickles
               won the Laptop Battle!!!
               wrote a wiimote piece in ChucK

  Erik has done "nothing"
         made chili
         finished moving in
         first week taking the Tech Trolley (25 minutes, 10 walking, 5 waiting, 10 minutes riding)

  Joe is working on getting his X server back running
        moved out of his townhouse and into a bigger house
        read about an RDBMS written in Haskell in only two days!
  Mark brought watermelon
           saw the Laptop Battle
           met Gabi’s sisters
           added colors to the Wii sketching program (following requirements and use cases generated by Peter Luffel)

  Erik: fiddling with the wiimote, maybe some haskell
  Joe: was going to get Haskell interfacing with C, but is busy getting his windowing
  Mark: more Parsec and other Haskell play
  Graham: hmm, what did he do?

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