Hackfest 1001101 Postmortem

by Mark Luffel

3rd July 2007

  Graham worked on laptop battle music (on July 9th),
               arrangements for gradschool,
               cooked seafood pancake,
               read Tufte’s Beautiful Evidence (forth book),
               added units to MusEd scatterplot (for Tufte’s sake)
               needs to redesign the MusEd database (one table’s not going to cut it forever),
               likes albums that a stylistically tight,
               has been learning about different music production styles by doing MusEd,
               "a song with lots of reverb, all the samples will have a huge wash behind them."
  Mark wrote fabric folding code (line intersections),
          read at the Architecture library about space planning,
          wrote spirals, rudimentary texture synthesis.

  Erik’s company is moving across the tracks in July,
           needs a network monitoring tool,
           Nagios makes him nauseous,
           wants something web-based,
           Mark suggested Zenoss.

  Stuart has a conference deadline on August 6th (MEMS 2008)
            talked with Erik shared acquaintances at CardioMEMS,
            described his research on resonators,
            spent seven hours in the cleanroom, and so is zoned-out,
            is going to make a shithouse kids album,
            went to the acceptance students’ weekend at University of Pennsylvannia law school,
            finds making budgets difficult, uncertainty about change.

  Kelly is a new member.
          student at UGA, studying English, will go to law school,
          interested in education reform,
          is a Georgian, from the place where people first found gold in the US (Villa Rica),
          the streets there are not paved with gold,
          "like to make arguments and fill out paper work" (so lawyering seems a perfect fit).
  Will is at home making his budget.

  Graham and Mark talked about texture synthesis, Laplacian pyramids.
  Stuart and Graham talked about Kalman filters.
  Erik moved into MStreet, where Mark lives.

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