must update more


after much running around outside of the programming spheres, i’m finally back in the work and starting up much needed catching up and whatnot.  the funusual moments are somewhat punctured here and there.

first off, i’m heading in the right direction (at last!).  i found out yesterday i’m going to lead a team of one (me) in creating production software to read and transform data from a variety of lame sources (XML, excel, access) and pretty it up into a more sensible database.  that starts in august, and continues on through january (for now).

right now, i’m creating a facade that links up an ArcMap plug-in (UI) to the backend code.  it involves serializing objects to and from XML.  it’s actually more fun than it sounds, since it’s my first real foray into a practical C# application.

today i got distracted and played around some with F#, microsoft’s implementation of ML with .NET framework.

that’s all for now.  i swear i’ll make it to octane one of these days and meet up with you cats.

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