Hackfest 1001100 Postmortem

by graham

26 June 2007 – strawberry-rhubarb pie night
music: early ambient works from Aphex Twin

New atlhacker- Stuart Duerson
phd student in ECE! he makes nano electromechanical components!
microelectromechanical components, resonators
chemical detectors
also Dr. Electroboink, noted atlanta musicians
has designed costumes for the Shithouse kids

new random person! – Melissa, who is a BME student

Since Last Week-
Stuart- went to France and Switzerland for conferences and research
Will- is reading Crossing the Chasm, he recommends to learn startup business technology
Alex- got a paper accepted to Mobile HCI! Maybe Singapore.
 taught camp! bought running shoes.
Miriam- will be riding alex’s coattails to Singapore. went to Athens!
 convinced people to paint the house yellow and lime green.
 started reading What is the What?
 got Peyton through 2/3 of reading list, including 4 book reports
Graham- got into grad school. got running shoes. made pies.
Mark- bought a wiimote and made it play chuck music! and make pretty graphics.
 ran by the railroad tracks: http://www.gmap-pedometer.com/?r=1085003

This Week-
Stuart- arranged a JAM
Will- reading Crossing the Chasm
Alex- thinking about Haskell, and sending people copies
Miriam- online stuff, then reading!
Graham- looking into bluetooth for thinkpad
Mark- talking about information design

Design of a color plate friendly book binding – transparent press.

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