Hackfest 1001011 Mortem

by graham

19 June 2007 – Haskellnacht

new people:
Matt – Alex’s friend enrolling in MS mechanical engineering.
Asok – dude from the information retrieval company.

Since Last Week-
Mark- performed at electro-music 2007! learned chuck, wrote chuck bluegrass
 -writing code to fold fabric in processing
 -ran with Graham to Decatur
Greg- measured the volume of powder with helium gas
Alex- built first interactive demo of spelling correction on java + twidor
 -exported classifier from WEKA, hooked it all up.
 -hard part was python file wrapping up feature data and feed to classifier
 -camp! teaching kids the python.
Will- to be hired by a contracting company working for a beverage company
 -programmed a genetic algorithm in MATLAB, optimized a 1d cellular automata
 -optimized it by feedback, how long a human would watch it
 -reading Kurzweil’s The Singularity is Near
Graham- added live performance sampling stuff to Mused

This week-
Mark- learning Haskell
Alex- learning Haskell
Graham- learning Haskell
Will- reading Kurzweil

we were using GHC and The Gentle Introduction to Haskell

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