Hackfest 1000011 Postmortem

by graham

10 April 2007 – jason plays urban grind (canon in D and "take a load off annie")

Miriam- going to grad school. a nanny. freelance editor for Peachtree Publishing.
 want to analyze contemporary feminist literature to save the world.
 treatment of women in 3rd world companies and cognitive information problems.

Since Last Week-
Graham- new ChucK music. sent out call for participation.
Jason- played at the Urban Grind. will work on Qaboom for a month.
 going to take GRE and apply for grad school.
 new idea- Jowster- site for live debates.
 met French people through Tina
Tejus and Sonali- launched http://structuralfusion.com/
 links worked, content on every page
Mark- made awesome arrows, went to Chicago.
Will- told the qaboom story. Jason will roll out the beta.
Alex- wrote up the typos stuff. catch 25% of all typos, generalizing across users.
 added jAudio to SWIMM.
 peter norvig’s latest post predicted his paper: http://norvig.com/spell-correct.html

For Tonight-
Graham- work on research proposal for music editor.
Tejus- working on Scram blog. human procurement of 2.0 talent.
Sonali- still looking for a job. facebook has bugs for being married!
Mark- going to make Frank Lloyd Wright stained glass
Alex- doing some stuff on JES.

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