Hackfest 10011111

by Mark Luffel

We discussed exercise, CouchDB & MongoDB & Lucene, that bridge at Marietta St and Jones Ave, shooting lasers from your hips, Encyclopedia Brown fan-fic.

Alex Rae:
– doing some software engineering management planning things
– wrote some lyrics
– wrote a thing which is almost an essay and posted on the internet
– fixed his RSpec’s
– prepared for a conference call on Monday that didn’t happen
– started a new project “meal-o-rific”
– meal-planning-grocery-shopping-recipe-tracking app
– almost got it talking with google calendar
Alex Rudnick:
– reviewing more CIKM papers
– learning about monads from a category theory perspective
– is the co-author on a paper, so now she has to help edit it
– playing with OSC, frustration
– drew a diagram on how to play a film on several screens at once
– reading about pattern formation
– switching to Firefox from Safari so that he can use Zotero

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