Hackfest 10011110

by alexr

This hack was on Tuesday 7 July 2009, right when you might imagine it would have been! Pardon for the delay in posting the notes.

Hackfest 10011110: lots-of-people hack!Movie Fifty Shades Darker (2017)

– write a Technique article about Michael Jackson
– reading about the Dreamcast, for unknown reasons
– OK, really reading about games that feature MJ
– headed off to sing karaoke

– tried to write some lyrics
– came up with some about being creative, and also Neil Armstrong and how reclusive he is.
– installed Chrome for Linux

– read rss
– looked at stackoverflow

– wrote tests for his webgame
– also read stackoverflow

– showed up!
– chatted with Alex
– discussing REST (etc) with John

– made a sketch with Processing
– added notifications to Corkbird so he knows when somebody signs up

– looking at a paper for CIKM
– excited about reviewing papers (woo!)
– talking about GWT with Tripp

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