Hackfest 10001101

by Mark Luffel

First Annual International Twitter Links on Atlhack Notes Day!

alex (rudnick):

  • refactoring the code that builds training sets for typo detection, thinking about new attributes
  • wants to learn about Python annotations or decorators or whatever you call them, has a cute design for the parser
  • headed to talk with IU professors tomorrow



  • helping greet new gradstudents
  • algorithms/complexity homework tonight (now caught up on grading and compilers hw!)



  • doing javascript framework performance testing
  • got feedback



  • worked on the user dashboard for scmple
  • surfing, read about governor jindal
  • joined startup chicks



  • working on mudskipper
  • doing filtering and searching with CouchDB
  • using lots of CSS to show/hide things, but <option> elements aren’t stylable 🙁



  • studying for literary criticism midterm
  • halfway through the teach for america application process
  • preparing for life after college


alex (ray):

  • his talk (on generative tabla playing) went well, included a demo
  • learning to compile swig interfaces
  • is going to interface some C++ code for source separation with python/numpy
  • also will translate some matlab code into python



  • demoed Deaf 911 for the National Emergency Number Association
  • piqued the interest of a telco and some policy-maker types



  • ran into more LiveConnect suffering: java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError
  • demoralized, will think about what to do on the ride home
  • briefly met @tessa and @sheatsb


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