Hackfest 10001100

by alexr

Mark’s Birthday Hack!


  • realized security situation for serializing corkbird state is going to be complicated; have to deal with applet security
  • error reporting now works; this is good, since there are a lot of errors
  • processing sketches use the default Java package, but you can’t import the default package, apparently — figuring out what to do about that


  • working on personal site (duien.com)
  • it aggregates twitter and delicious, now it can pull new entries in


  • more code delving: figured out file format for new Twidor logs
  • wants to rework his gross old Python code and update it so it works with new Twidor logs
  • emailed out a bunch of questions to the group, concerned about training classifiers on keystrokes that have already been corrected


  • Helped write an assignment for c311, answered a bunch of questions at office hours.
  • tonight: working on homework for Computational Complexity

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