Hackfest 1100101

by alexr

Since last week…
Erik: "Nothing! On purpose!" … Erik is largely On Vacation.
Alex: Been working on the documentation browser thing for code-google-com, which is no longer secret! He’ll make everybody take a     look at it when it launches, which is Soon. Also been working on the scrabble bot. And he got some cool anagram code from ZachG. Also, paper based on his masters work got into CHI.
Humza: Reading the new Lawrence Lessig book.

Alex: Looking for good information about event loops and callbacks in JavaScript, particularly on IE, where there’s occasional reentrancy weirdness.
Erik: Relaxing.
Humza: www.freerice.com, talking about Arabic linguistics — and culture and language in general, Sapir-Whorf.
Wadner: (the r is silent) … spoke with Humza about culture and identity, online and off.

(where is everybody?)

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