Hackfest 110110 Mortem

by graham

4 January 2007 – more loud djs

The music seemed to be less loud tonight. But it was because they moved the PA from the tables area over to the bar area. Which made the experience slightly better.

Mark and Graham have a great collaboration idea. We want to improvise together (js and ChucK).
This was inspired by Mark’s shape livecoding work.

Our plan is to have one of us create a "pulse" of OSC events – and then both of us can create synthesis code that works within the pulse. That way, both the graphics and music are synchronized.

Since it doesn’t look like javascript has support for OSC yet, Mark may have to create an OSC implementation using priviledged js code that uses a socket library (nsIServerSocket). Once this is done, we should be able to start jamming together.

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