Hackfest 101110.1 Postmortem – Blast from the past.


Its late and Graham owes me a punch in the stomach, but I hope this is a case of better late than never!  From 8-17-2006

This Past Week:


  • Try to use more sample in chuck environment in preparation for a Laptop Battle.
  • Started some work towards a collaborative chuck site.


  • Borrowed a twiddler and had some fun. — Hopefully the arm is much better now?


  • Some PVR work with mythtv.

That Night…

Alex and Graham:

  • A refocus on research.
  • Determine some mechanisms to test whether the application is choosing good sequences.


  • Some webserver configuration to make services accessible from the office. Specifically I installed and started using Anyterm.

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  1. Graham says:

    Thanks Luke, this will help with my documentation project.


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