Hackfest 110101 Mortem

by graham

14 December 2006 – dj night again!

new member profile:
Jason Ho –
qaboom.com – Question and answer community for colleges
– ie "how to change folder colors in unix terminal, top five roadtrip movies, risks of eating preservatives, lucky buddha on 10th street hit or miss"
Ti calculator community- Alien Invation – Legend of Zelda clone
went to Small Business Administration today for startup advice
They suggest you start with a partnership agreement.

He added admin area to his site this week.
Tonight he’s doing formatting for the tag browsing

Jason learned from working out-
he finds that you plateau for muscle groups- switching activities helps you mitigate this.

learned Hirigana- lifted rubberized weights at SAC.
Implemented decision trees.
Will do a flickr photo presentation, and a shapes livecoding at New Year’s Eve.
Playing with idea of physical sorters, decision trees.

will build a webapp for ilovesittingonchairs.com
rapid rails prototyping – friend Nick will be doing design
upload pictures of people sitting on chairs
(Seth Godin– internet marketing god according to Erik)

Worked on different variation techniques in chuck.
Registered elbowpatch.es for new music project.
Tony liked my CD!

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  1. erik says:

    Man, I totally forgot to mention Rhobbler as "What I’ve been doing".  I’m reasonably close to finishing- I just need to get the last.fm people to approve the plugin and give me a client id so that I can let other people use it.

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