Hackfest 101111 Postmortem

by graham

24 August 2006 – atlhack reunions

in Korea, people eat the roe directly out of the sea urchin (uni)

also we met Maya, who is a biotech lab tech at Tech

Since Last Week:
Matt- finished his chapter (Picky Eating is a Moral Failing) for Food and Philosophy.
Graham- the laptop battle was postponed. But they released audicle sources!
-restarted SWIMM and started working with Michael.
Alex- more SWIMMing, setup a svn server, ramping up to work on Jess.
-thought really hard about distributing functional languages over a network, had a good conversation with B. Dorn.
-wants to rewrite it in python.
Erik- using Ruby on Rails for hacking SalesForce, maintaining a local mirror of a database.

Plan for This Week:
Erik- fix the bug in his AJAX history.js (provides back and forward functionality within AJAX UIs).
Matt- will hack Frump the Turtle with photoshop.
Alex- will start on porting the Electronic Bard to python.
Graham- will hack the audicle to display "later" – a relative time.

This Week’s Reality:
Erik- released an alpha of history.js on subwindow.com, complete with an article.
Matt- colored a page of Frump the turtle.
Alex- made a class skeleton for python Electronic Bard.
-discussed Electronic Sudoko with Zach from computer camp.
Graham- made the changes, trying to get the Audicle-global keystroke to work.

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