Hackfest 101110 Mortem

by graham

3 August 2006 – new members!
music – a playlist with ample Mates of State

Mike Tria (meta-code.com) – getthere -> code generation startup MetaJ (applied frequently to VoiceXML) -> wrote a clickstream tracking application -> compucredit -> Unisys (open source architect). Will be presenting an overview of migrations (Sun -> Linux, Mainframe->Linux, application migrations) at LinuxWorld.

Writing a video game in Java. The Philosopher (like a Link to the Past) – it’s a game for programmers. Tuned heap and garbage collector. Custom interface using SWT with openGL functionality.

Wants to stay technical (an architect position), wants to start a software shop in Atlanta.

His company is looking for J2EE or .NET architects, and ready to hire.

(Mike suggests Graham read latest Comm-ACM on audio processing)
Mike will send his ideas doc for consumption of all.

Robin – hates the CompE department at Tech. Hard to get jobs without a graduate degree. Programs cable boxes in C for Nagra. Wants to learn Java.

Since Last Week:
Vinny- published source code for SwixUL (sf.net/projects/swixul)
Graham- modified Mused analysis code to work with later version of Bass.NET
Mike- modifying blojsom to use his clickstream tracking

This Week:
Mike- looking at rules-engines (JBoss-rules) for work. making an interface layer from JBoss rules to arbitrary webservices. (got his slipstream rules to work, will be gone for 3 weeks)
Graham- going to parse XML data about songs.
Vinny- mess around with pygame to do mouse tracking and gesture recognition
Robin- writing a bash script to copy a file tree with inclusion / exclusion (something like rsync)

license discovery tool –
mp3.com fire sale
Google ATL moving to Tech Square?

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