Post-summer 2012 Hack

by Mark Luffel

– worked in Barcelona this summer
– applied for a job working on a TV show “attaching cameras to sharks and lions and stuff”
– turning fish into music (for a living)
– making visual maps of cities from pictures (master’s project)
– using python, scraped 1/2 million flickr photos

– switching to a service-oriented architecture at work
– using custom distributed messaging format/client/server
– memory efficient, simple
– used for analyzing network traffic

– working on non-rigid registration of 3D surfaces
– doing symbolic differentiation in python

– worked in Grenoble this summer
– made multi-touch animation tools
– fixed problems with logins on Corkbird
– tiny javascript project adjproj (more explanation next week)

– typestate, dynamic vs static typing
– python 2 vs 3
– “there’s a beneficial monoculture in the ruby community … as long as you’re developing on a mac and deploying to debian, you’re fine”

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