Pluripotent LIAM Hack

by Mark Luffel

At Octane they were playing Animal Collective, all of the old baristas (Gavin / Josh / Ben) are either working different nights or have new jobs now.
Rob suggested the name “LIAM” for this hack, as an anagram of (AI + ML). He also said something about Oasis, but not because there were any British pop-rock stars in attendance.

– talked about medical school applications
– skin regeneration, hyperbaric oxygen chamber
– pluripotent stem cells
– veblen / giffen goods
– intersecting cylinders and triangle meshes
— for a surgery planning project
— explained the math to Fokes
– doing an objective-c tutorial
— making command line programs
– eating a king of pops that tastes like pumpkin pie
– worked on a new rhobbler
— because Rhapsody removed RSS feeds, so he’s scraping html now
— doing test-driven development, opened the site in a browser for the first time
— all the paths worked!
– living in midtown now, first atlhack in two-ish years
– taking the AI class, and ML class
— sebastian thrun’s writing is hard to understand

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