Election Day Hack

by Mark Luffel

– pattern matching homework
– (since last week) invented a heinous beverage: the fourlokomotive

– fixing DNS setup for mental tarpit
– using mercurial to version his code

– working on qualifier questions

A conversation, wherein the interrogatee avoids the question:
Mark: Did you vote? I hope you voted against Amendment 1.
Humza: I voted the right way.
Mark: Does that mean…
Humza: I voted for what was right.

3 Responses to “Election Day Hack”

  1. Alex Rudnick says:

    Ooh, qualifier questions!

    Does that mean: you’re constructing questions, or you’re thinking about how you’re going to answer extant ones?

  2. Graham says:


    pray tell, what constitutes a four lokomotive?

  3. Mark Luffel says:

    Thinking about answers. I’ll probably take the written test next spring. At GT these seem to be all subject-area specific, so I don’t have Systems/Theory questions, just geometry, animation, rendering, etc.

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