provisional sunday afternoon meeting

by graham

22 August 2010 – hacking in Octane, 2:20 Sunday afternoon

present are Mark and Graham
Matt, who is in the last year of ugrad, who makes experimental recordings, and who wants to move to Brazil, is our barista.
we met Brandon, who is involved in a lot of ATL startup culture, who is doing some integration with SalesForce, also he is an award winning area debate coach.

since last week:
Mark- came back from Disney in Burbank, CA, where he worked on technology intern and he should publish sometime soon.
He is readjusting to ATL humidity after being in the LA desert.
Graham- participated in classyHack, (see notes here), where I worked on formulating convex problems.

this meeting’s plans:
Mark- some kind of NPR edge thickness based on shading. Hopes to finish the rendering and make images.
Graham- will start with some odd tasks for administration, then install Matlab and try to hack in CVX into his superposition mosaicing.

to remember: Kunst Haus in Graz.

this meeting’s reality:
Graham- chatted, wrote email to boss, booked a flight for DAFx ’10 in Graz.
Mark- wrote some Processing Java for detecting and shading silhouettes, currently debugging.


updates: Puyan is here, we’re talking about his upcoming semester.
he brought some screwdrivers for replacing a hard drive in his machine…
he mentioned hudson for build managing?
(possibly re-)discovered palindrome: meh, ahem
Rob looked for the blood on the first release of the Snow Leopard’s lips.
apparently there is a Freeside meeting on Tuesday.

challenge: Macro this picture and post it as a comment!

Graham: installing Matlab dependencies for my mosaicing code.
update: hooray! my code still works.

food related:
Vicky shared fried pickles with us (earlier).

We made a fruit salad from dragonfruit, lychee, and papaya.
We also made a stir fry with tofu, baby bok choy, and garlic shoots.
Bill and Rob are here from tasting Pauley’s chili at rush!

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  1. My take on it:

    (These jokes, they’re totally being given away in the URLs.)

  2. Some people on 4chan think I’m not being rigorous enough with the description of the halting problem, oh well.

  3. Mark Luffel says:

    I can’t compete with those above, but I can add additional nonsense into the mix. Lo!

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