Focused Hack

by Mark Luffel

It has snowed on three separate occasions in Atlanta this winter, and today was one of those days.

Rob is making a Game Boy (Advance) game, Asteroid Doom. He’s writing C code, using GBA mode 3.

Mark is learning Scala because he (amusingly) signed up to talk at the Atlanta Scala Meetup without knowing the language. He’s using it to make visual stuff in Processing.

We are both quite focused, as Rob’s game is for class and due by midnight, and Mark needs to learn Scala in the next 45 hours or risk losing face.

This weekend we attended the Guthman Musical Instrument Competition, listened to weird new instruments, watched talks by Gil, Jason, and Parag, chatted with Andrew Beck, Alex Rae, Nishant Mehta, and Karthik Raveendran. The highlights for me were the live-soldering performance and yjr suitcase full of solenoids. The magnetic resonator piano performance was also excellent, and we agreed, is the most likely to see wide-spread adoption.

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  1. Alex Rudnick says:

    Hack dudes, hack!

    Mark, you’ll have to let me know how you feel about Scala!


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